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Child Care Scholarship Program

The Albemarle Alliance for Children and Families (AACF) will administer a Child Care Scholarship Program that will assist eligible families, residing in Bertie, Camden, Currituck, Gates and Pasquotank Counties, by providing child care financial assistance. AACF will provide up to full time child care assistance to children ages 0-5, whose parent/guardians meet scholarship income and AACF eligibility guidelines. Scholarship families must utilize high quality child care per scholarship guidelines and pay a percentage of child care cost as determined in the guidelines. The parent/guardian in the home must meet work, school and other requirements as outlined in the program guideline manual. AACF will administer this program so that it is able to meet the goal of providing children universal access to quality education while maintaining the controls and segregation of duties needed to insure the efficiency and integrity of the program.

The AACF Child Care Scholarship Program pays for full-time child care, 5 days per week, not to exceed 55 hours per week as long as funding is available. Any additional child care fees are the parent/guardian’s responsibility. In order to qualify for the Scholarship Program, the parents/guardians are required to submit a birth certificate or other documentation to show that the child is less than 6 years of age. Children who are receiving a child care voucher from the Department of Social Services are not eligible for the AACF Scholarship Program.

Child Care Scholarship Summary

Albemarle Alliance for Children and Families Scholarship provides a Child Care Scholarship to pay for all or a portion of child care tuition for families in need of child care. Families are defined as a biological or adoptive parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult with whom the child lives and who has the primary financial and physical responsibility for the care and well-being of the child. The target population for this program is Bertie, Camden, Currituck, Gates and Pasquotank County families with children birth to five not enrolled in a public or private kindergarten program, Head Start or NC Pre-K program. Child Care Scholarship assistance may be provided for tuition costs at any four or five star licensed program.

A family must meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  1. The child(ren) is between 0-5 years and is not currently enrolled in a public or private kindergarten program, Head Start or NC Pre-K program.
  2. The parent/guardian resides in one of our five counties—Bertie, Camden, Currituck, Gates or Pasquotank Counties.
  3. The child(ren) attends or will attend a 3,  4 or 5 star-rated licensed child care program.
  4. The family’s total monthly income is under the eligibility limits as defined by AACF.
  5. Parents/guardians must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Parent/guardian is employed at least 25 hours per week;
  • Parent/guardian is a full-time high school student;
  • Parent/guardian is a full-time student in an accredited postsecondary institution; or
  • Parent/guardian is a combination of a working/student status equivalent to 25 hours per week.

Once a family is determined eligible the family will remain eligible until the child ages out, the parent/guardian is no longer employed or in school, and/or the income no longer meets AACF Child Care Scholarship income eligibility guidelines.

A Child Care Scholarship is available as funds are available and cannot be guaranteed beyond each fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).

Click here for more detailed information, a preliminary intake checklist and a summary of recipient requirements.

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